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Polaris RZR Ranger Sportsman AGM UTV Battery | Bikemaster

Polaris RZR Ranger Sportsman AGM UTV Battery | Bikemaster

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Description for BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery

• Absorbed glass mat captures electrolytes and this technology means longer storage life and higher performance than standard wet batteries

• Permanently sealed after filling means its maintenance free and non-spillable with no need to constantly check level or add water

• Greater cold cranking amps, longer service life and resists sulfating

• Once activated, requires charging during prolonged storage periods

• 1-year manufacturer's warranty


Product Specs:

Amps:  280 CCA

Dimensional Length: 168 mm

Height:  177mm

Length:  168 mm

Width: 127 mm

Manufacturer Part Number:  MS12-30L-BS

Voltage:  12 V

Confirmed Fitment:

Diesel 455 1999-2002
RZR 900 2015-2017
Ranger 2x4 425 2002-2003
Ranger 2x4 500 2005-2010
Ranger 4x4 500 2001-2010
Ranger 4x4 700 2007
Ranger 4x4 700 EFI 2008
Ranger 6x6 500 1998-2005
Ranger 6x6 700 2006-2009
Sportsman 600 2004-2005
Sportsman 700 2002-2006
Sportsman 800 6x6 Big Boss 2012-2014
Sportsman MV7 2005
Arctic Cat:
Prowler XTZ 1000 2014
Wildcat 1000 2013-2015
This may fit models not listed please compare the dimensional size you need along with your CCA if your model is not listed